Lady P and Tom Britt present their clothing collection, GOT MUD? alongside its accompanying film Kurinyi Bog, The Chicken God.

The collection serves as an extension of Lady P’s jewellery which utilises Hagstones, these being stones with naturally occurring holes which are created by the force of constantly moving water. Historically, these holey stones have held huge significance within folklore. As the stories go,
these lucky stones hold the power to both heal and protect the bearer.

Lady P and Tom take these concepts further, delving deeper into the folkloric traditions and their accompanying pagan imagery; incorporating the realm of the fae, and pre-Christian beliefs in an extraordinary combination of digital art and festival culture in which the Hagstone takes centre stage upon contemporary technical wear.

Alongside the capsule collection, the pair will also be presenting a short film, entitled Kurinyi Bog, The Chicken God. The film centres around the figure of the Kurinyi Bog, translating to ‘The Chicken God’,
a popular figure within Russian folklore. Kurinyi Bog served as the guardian of the chickens, and hag stones were believed to be the abodes of the God’s spirit.

The film, directed by Diego Fernandez, and with an original score by One Outs, follows the story of two friends out foraging on the beach who enter the realm of the fae through a Hagstone they find, and the mystical experiences that ensue.

The film is accompanied by a lookbook shot by photographer Oscar Foster Kane.


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